Designer John Jenkins

The British designer John Jenkins was born in Pembroke, England, but his work reaches far beyond. He first studied design at the High Wycombe College, and later obtained his master degree at the [...]

Ministry of Chair®

Ministry of Chair® aim to bring you bean bag furniture that sets out to delight the senses and bring out the fun-loving personality in you. Our aesthetic workshop redefines modern furniture [...]

A Class of its Own

Dressed from head to toe in a stunning contemporary theme, this home shows a graceful symmetry that befits a large family. Home to a family of six, this 3000sqft cluster house is a contemporary [...]

A Dream Home Built

It took one year to build this corner terrace house from scratch, but it was well worth the time spent. This corner terrace house may have taken interior designer Jael Ang from TAIMS Interior a [...]